Tuesday, January 6, 2015

National Conference on Water Resource Management for Industries

Sustainable water resources management and climate change adaptation are increasingly becoming highly recognized global issues. Due to its multiple benefits and the problems created by its excesses, deficit, and quality deterioration, the conservation and management of water resources requires special attention on the management of environment of the water resources system. During the last couple of decades, fast industrial growth has led to rapid urbanization resulting in multifold increase for demand of water, whereas remarkable change in climate has occurred. The rising pressure on water resources has resulted in altered watersheds and changes in the course of river systems. These alterations have greatly affected the flow in system of water resources which have contributed to rising issues on sustainability. Rapid urbanization, change in climate, changes in watershed condition and course of rivers demand better strategies for management of this precious resource for sustained industrial growth so that water necessary for industrial as well as agricultural use can be made available for a secured future.

Jadavpur Centre for Study of Earth Science is going to organize a national conference on Water Resource Management for Industries to investigate the role of industry in the exploitation, management and treatment of water resources. Conference will focus on sustainable water policies, accounting and conservation of water and energy, and the development and application of appropriate water treatment and reuse technology. Corporate sustainability initiatives that result in measurable reductions in water use will be discussed as well as case studies and "lessons learned" related to use of municipal effluent in place of potable water and the internal reuse of industrial water supplies.

The Conference provides a platform for professionals involved in water resources management to exchange knowledge and gain an insight in to the state of the art in the current technology, techniques and solutions in sustainable water management as they have been developed and applied in different countries. Participants include a wide variety of stakeholders from research and academia, like industrial sectors as well as government organisations.

It is expected that the conference will be held in early November 2015 at Kolkata.

2 day conference to be held in a Hotel in Kolkata

Sub theme
  •          General Methodology for Sustainable Water Management in Industries
  •          Water Efficiency and resource management
  •         Ecosystem Management
  •          Multi-sectoral and cross cutting issues in water resources management
  •          Stakeholder’s cooperation for water sustainability
  •          Corporate Social Responsibility: impacts on the water sector

Industries: 5000 per delegate
Individual/Academics:  2000 per delegate

Students/ Research scholars: reduced registration fee/ full waiver

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