Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Report on the Training of the Geologists of Tata Steel by JCSES

Report on the Training of the Geologists of Tata Steel by JCSES
A comprehensive training programme for imparting training to the geologists of Tata Steel was taken up by Jadavpur Centre for Study of Earth Science as per the request of Natural Resource Division (NRD) of Tata Steel, Jamshedpur. The proposed training encompassed broadly ‘Geological mapping, coal exploration techniques and other associated studies, Coal Resource Assessment and Geological Report writing in West Bokaro Coalfield, Jharkhand and the time scheduled wasaround two weeks.
Five faculty members were selected to take up the assignment and as per their suggestions and after severaldiscussions with NRD, Tata Steel a detailed programme was chalked out  and the broad outline of the same areas follows:
1.      Reconnaissance Traverse by four faculty members along with officials of Tata Steel in Ara – Dumurbera area of West Bokaro Coalfield for three days in the month of February 2013to select the mapping area
And by five faculty members between the  periods from 9th to 22nd of April 2013 :
2.      Introductory lectures on different aspects of mapping& coal exploration, Gondwana geology and local geological set up -2 days
3.      Geological mapping of coalfield along with lectures on different related geological topics -7 days
4.      Exercises on different  coal exploration techniques, borehole core logging, assessment of coal resource of an explored block and preparation of geological map, sections, charts, tables etc. and report writing - 5 days
Training programme for ten geologists was inaugurated on 9-4-2013 at the Training Centre of Tata at West Bokaro and attended by Senior executives of Tata Steel, Jamshedpur and  W. Bokaro and was followed by inaugural lecture on Gondwana basins of India and coal/ lignite occurrencesby a faculty of JCSES. From the following day the training continued uninterruptedly as per schedule and officials of Tata steel extend their full cooperation to make it a success. Relevant noteson the different topics and procedure for carrying out  necessary exercises were distributed to the trainees. At the end of training all the trainee geologists submitted reports and the same were scrutinized by the faculty members and returned to them. The evaluation test covering all aspects of training was arranged on 22-4-2013. All the trainees scored above 90%.

 A valedictory function was organized by Tata Steel in the evening of 22-4-2013 where the  both the trainees and the faculty members expressed their views on the training and the senior executives of Tata Steel also conveyed sincere gratitude to the faculties of JCSES.

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