Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome to JCSES

The year 2008 has been declared by the United Nation as the International Year of Planet Earth. The International Year of Planet Earth (2007 - 2009) aims to contribute to the improvement of everyday life, especially in the less developed countries, by promoting the societal potential of the world’s Earth scientists, as expressed in the Year’s subtitle Earth sciences for Society. Earth scientists all over the world, a professional community that is ready and willing to contribute to a safer, healthier and wealthier society if called upon by politicians and decision makers. To accomplish the goal of the year and to contribute the knowledge of earth science for the benefit of the society Jadavpur Centre for Study of Earth Science is founded. It is a professionally managed organisation of the Earth Scientists of high repute. Through this organisation professional guidance by Earth scientists is available in many aspects of everyday life including, for example, identification of the best areas for sustainable settlement and related infrastructure, sites to avoid for waste disposal, the location of new underground fresh water resources, sustainable mining of natural resources, and where certain toxic agents implicated in Earth related diseases may be located One of our major goals is to empower people through knowledge of earth science to improve their livelihood.

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